Rules and FAQ

Rules and Regulations

What are the site's regulations?

  • Once you exited the site, no visitor will be allowed to return after 8:30 p.m. from Friday to Sunday and after 6:30 p.m. on Monday;
  • Under the provincial, territorial and municipal Tobacco, cannabis and voke products act and laws, the entire festival site is non-smoking. Smokers will have access to smoking zones near both site exits.
  • Camping equipment (“easy-up” and folding chairs) are not allowed on the site;
  • Wearing a shirt and shoes is mandatory at all times;
  • Animals are not allowed on the site, except for service dogs;
  • We strongly encourage moderation on the site;
  • It is forbidden to bring any food, drink or alcoholic beverage from the outside except for water bottles and baby food.
  • No glass over 600 ml (20 oz) capacity will be accepted. The Bières et Saveurs pitchers will not be allowed on the site.

* The reception and security staff reserves the right to search your bags in order to verify the content.  Confiscated items will be stored and given back upon visitors’ request.

Good to know

Can I bring my own glass?

Of course! You can also purchase the official festival glass or one of our exhibitors. Remember, glasses over 20 oz are not authorized on the site.

*If you come with your family, remember to bring a glass or empty water bottle for your children

How much do tastings cost?

Tastings prices are determined by exhibitors. A 4 ounce tasting costs, in average, between $2 and $6. The maximum quantity allowed for alcoholic beverages is fixed at 8 ounces.

Do we pay for tastings in cash or with tokens?

All transactions are done in cash on the site. ATMS will be available on the festival grounds.

Can I bring my own lunch?

To be respectful towards exhibitors, it is forbidden to bring food or beverages on the site. However, you may bring a reusable water bottle or baby food.

Are children allowed on the site?

Of course! Children will be able to enjoy a variety of activities in the Espace Famille Koala makeup, activities and inflatable games will keep them entertained!
*Children must be accompanied by a parent.

*If you come with your family, remember to bring a glass or empty water bottle for your children

Can I receive my glass purchased on the online store by mail?

No, you will be able to claim the glasses purchased on the online store at the festival ticket booths when you enter the site. Make sure to have your printed or electronic receipt with you.

Where can I park my camper?

We suggest you sleep in one of the campings near the site and use the shuttle from the Hôtel des Gouverneur in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

Where are the parkings for reduce mobility people?

There are several spaces in the various city parkings near the site:

  • Caron Parking(P7) – In front of the 1878, Bourgogne avenue
  • Fort-Chambly Parking- 2 de Richelieu Street, Chambly, QC, J3L 2B9

Are there any special rates for companies?

Yes! Contact us.

What happens if it rains?

All activities are maintained unless the weather may threaten the security of visitors and exhibitors. Bring your umbrella and rain boots!

What should I do if I lose an item on the site?

At the end of the day, all lost items are taken to the soccer chalet located at the E2 entrance (Parc Street). During the day, lost items will be kept at the information stand