No Cans Unexxxeptable


No Cans Unexxxeptable was founded in 2009 by Kev Ange who penned the band’s first hit, “Inacceptable”, between 2 cans at Woodstock in Beauce. In 2014, Kev Ange asked for the help of soloist Max Blaze to join No Cans as lead guitarist and backup singer.

Since then, No Cans has been rolling along, spreading the word and attracting raving fans. “Don’t you have a can? That’s unacceptable!”



Back in 1994, rock group “Zébulon” took on Quebec’s music scene by storm. Over 25 years later, the group who left an indelible mark on a whole generation of music lovers, is still going strong and the magic is still there in this acoustic version. Our favourite “Zigs” are still kicking and ready to carry you away in their new musical adventure. Come dance and sing to the sounds of their biggest hits. A rythmic performance, vocal harmonies and loads of surprises. “Zébulon” is more alive than ever!

Joe Robicho


Joe Robicho has been playing Classic Folk with frantic guitar, unleashed vocals and harmonica throughout Quebec since 2015. A bass drum and a sharpened tambourine have turned him into a one-man band that spreads the vibes and sets fire to everything he does, with true flair and authenticity.

La Grand-Messe


La Grand-Messe was born in the summer of 2015 when it was founded by Jean-Philip Pothier, a fan of folk and Quebec music, who graduated from the École de la chanson de Granby in 2009.

La Grand-Messe also brings together young musicians and friends who have been sharing the stage with Jean-Philip for over five years. The core group was formed in part at the Saint-Laurent CEGEP, and each of them went on to study music at the Université de Montréal and UQAM. Since then, the group of friends has played over a hundred shows together across the province, including four St-Jean-Baptiste shows.

With all these years of friendship and complicity, the group now seeks to bring everyone together to celebrate the great classics of Quebec song. Thanks to their festive energy, you won’t be able to do anything but dance and sing along with La Grand-Messe!



Olivier Roberge, comedian, author, podcaster and probably something else, just ask him! Following are performances by :  

Antoni Remillard : With a charisma of a first class, Antoni Remillard distinguishes himself by his comedic and dramatic acting. These qualities allow him to bring the audience to experience delirium and discomfort with confidence. A harmless provocateur, he tackles delicate subjects with sensitivity. 

Véronique Isabel-Filion : Touching and surprising, Véronique Isabel Filion shares her jokes with precision (everyone will have an equal share of jokes, promise!)

Simon Trottier : Originally from Lac-St-Jean, Simon Trottier has been working in the field of humor for over 10 years. In a way that is both lucid and crazy, Simon offers a rolling fire of anecdotes where self-mockery and reflection are mixed. 

In short, everything to laugh out loud!

Blondes Naturelles


Playing with the stereotype of the blonde, the female trio Blondes Naturelles is very outspoken. In their acoustic universe where vocal harmonies are in the spotlight, these seasoned singers indulge in a revolutionary cabaret-folk to embody burlesque songs tinted with truth. These luscious blondes offer a sensual and daring performance where taboos do not exist. Their theatrical authenticity, their punchy lyrics and their unique way of interpreting classics from the Quebec repertoire make each show one of the most comical and unifying moments! Chaste ears, please refrain…

Capitaine Salaud


Come aboard the old shipwreck of Captain Bastard, for a voyage in which the strange (the public) are invited to dance, laugh and binge, to the sound of an Acadian-inspired music, called Rock Bateau: a concoction resulting from a joyful mixture of rock, trad, country, Celtic, bluegrass and Cajun. Halfway between a tale and a rock opera, the delirious character makes us capsize in his world where each song is a piece of history where misadventures, sea creatures and Mingan territory reign. Whether it’s in a smaller format or in “big band” mode, the Captain, always wearing his blue cap and his famous Kilt, will make you stand up and take notice throughout the evening!



Lampion is a Montreal band with rock and Longueuil roots that skillfully blends jazz, pop and rap. The band’s musicians offer raw and personal lyrics accompanied by melodies and rhythms that are sometimes grandiose, sometimes more introspective. The artistic and emotional journey offered by the young band is inspired by the musical and social trends of its time, while nourishing a strong desire for innovation.

Qualité Motel


Qualité Motel is the sectarian project of the five members of Valaire. Created to stir up the crowds in all imaginable contexts, the group has quickly established itself as a reference in Quebec electronic music. After more than 6 years on the road, they are coming out of the studio with a second album that will warm up the lower bodies of the entire Belle Province™. With their new album “C’est pasla qualité qui compte”, Qualité Motel relies on a quantity of distinguished guests such as Fouki, Marie-Élaine Thibert, Les Louanges, Karim Ouellet, Fanny Bloom, Simon Proulx (Les Trois Accords), etc. The group takes them out of their usual context by imposing electronic rhythms that trade their comfort zone for a more festive but equally comfortable one. Like a DJ set played live, the five guys impose explosive shows that oscillate between remixes of classics and compositions each more danceable than the next.