When ?


Friday September 2nd
12:30pm to 9pm
Saturday September 3rd
11am to 9pm
Sunday September 4th
11am to 9pm
Monday September 5th
11am to 7pm

Note : No visitor will be allowed to return to the site after 7:30 p.m. from Friday to Sunday and after 5:00 p.m. on Monday. No access to the site is allow after the box offices are close.

Where ?

Lieu historique national du Fort-Chambly
2 Rue de Richelieu, Chambly, QC J3L 2B9

How much ?

1 day / 18 years old & older


(Taxes & service included)


1 day / 17 years old & younger





4 day passport/ 18 years old & older



(Taxes & service included)


Official Glass


(Taxes & service included)

Site plan

Are dogs allowed on site?

Unfortunately, only guide dogs on duty, clearly identified, will be accepted.


Can I bring my own glass?

Of course! You can also purchase the official festival glass or one of our exhibitors. Remember, glasses over 20 oz (500 ml) are not authorized on the site since this is a tasting event.

*Please note we no longer provide plastic glasses for tastings.

*If you come with your family, remember to bring a glass or empty reusable water bottle for your children

Can I receive my glass purchased from the online store by mail?

No, due to shipping costs, logistics and environmental considerations, you can pick up your glasses purchased online at the festival entrance when you enter the site. Please have your printed or electronic receipt ready.

How much do tastings cost?

The price of the tastings is set by the exhibitors starting at 2$ (floor price). A tasting is a 4 ounce format. The maximum quantity allowed for alcoholic beverages is 8 ounces, which is a double tasting. Some exhibitors may operate on a “cash only” basis.

Do I have to pay for the tastings in cash or tokens?

All transactions are done in cash or by contactless payment on site. Several ATMs are available on the festival grounds.

Can I bring my own food?

Out of respect for the exhibitors who are renting a space to showcase their products, it is forbidden to bring food or drinks on site. However, you can bring an empty reusable water bottle that you can refill with water for free on site or baby food.

Are children allowed on the site?

Certainly! Children will be able to enjoy an array of free activities in the City of Chambly’s Family Space: face painting, animation, an inflatable play area and more will be available!

*Children must be accompanied by a parent.

*Remember to bring a glass and/or an empty reusable water bottle for your children

Are there special rates for businesses?

Yes, discounts are available for the purchase of 20, 50 and 100 tickets, please contact us at info@conceptb.ca before August 15th to take advantage of this offer.

What happens if it rains?

All activities are maintained unless bad weather affects the safety of festival-goers and exhibitors. Bring an umbrella and a good pair of rain boots!  No refund will be issued for a site closing for security reasons.

What should I do if I lose an item on site?

At the end of the day, all lost items are taken to the HQ located at entrance E2 (du Parc Street) at 1999 Bourgogne Avenue.

What are the site rules?

• To avoid any overflow and to facilitate the exit of festival-goers, no visitor will be allowed to return to the site after 7:30 p.m. from Friday to Sunday and after 5:00 p.m. on Monday;

• In accordance with the law on tobacco, vaping products, and provincial, territorial and municipal laws on cannabis, the festival site is entirely non-smoking;

• Camping equipment (easy-up tents and folding chairs) are not allowed on the site;

• Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times;

• Animals are not allowed on the site, with the exception of guide dogs with official certification;

• The festival is one of discovery and tasting, consumption in moderation is advocated on the site. Any person in a state of intoxication may be accompanied to the exit and will be taken care of by our escort services or by the authorities if necessary;

• No outside food, beverages or alcoholic beverages are permitted, with the exception of reusable water bottles and baby food.

• No glass with a capacity of more than 500 ml (20 ounces) will be accepted. Any container of more than 20 ounces of liquid will not be allowed on the site.

• Respect the sanitary regulations in force in connection with the Covid-19

* As a private event with strict security procedures, security guards have the right to search your bags to verify their contents. Non-regulation items (weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol, glasses, prohibited food or beverages, dangerous objects of any kind) will be confiscated and turned over to the authorities for disposal (weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol, dangerous objects) or will be turned over to local charities in the case of non-regulation items (food, glasses, non-alcoholic beverages) that can be used safely.

What is the privacy policy?


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By car/ bus

Are you coming from far away?

Our partner EXO will have transport, not only in the city of Chambly itself, but also from Montreal! Go to their Chrono app or on their website to establish your travel schedule!

Otherwise, here are the shuttles near the festival!

Ligne rouge  = Remtec Inc. / 2055, boul. Industriel, Chambly
Ligne verte 1 = Stationnement incitatif de Chambly / 3000, boul. Fréchette, Chambly
Ligne verte 2 = École Secondaire de Chambly / 535, boul. Brassard, Chambly + Stationnement incitatif
Ligne bleu = Stationnement SEARS / 600 Pierre-Caisse, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
Ligne rose = Peak tools, 2115 Rue Saint-Césaire, Marieville

Transport every 30 minutes

Ligne Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
ROUGE 17h30 – 22h 10h30 – 22h 10h30 – 22h 10h30 – 20h
VERT 1 16h00 – 22h 12h00 – 22h 12h00- 22h 12h00 – 20h
VERT 2 n/a 10h30 – 22h 10h30 – 22h 10h30 – 20h
BLEU n/a 10h30 – 22h 10h30 – 22h 10h30 – 20h
ROSE n/a 10h30 – 22h 10h30 – 22h 10h30 – 20h

Where can I park my camper?

Under the law, parking permits and overnight accommodations are under municipal jurisdiction. No accommodations are offered or managed by the organization. Please contact the City of Chambly at 450-658-8788 or by email on their website: www.ville.chambly.qc.ca/nous-joindre-coordonnee-services-municipaux-ville-de-chambly/

Where can i stay?

You can easily find wonderful rooms at l’hôtel ESCAD in the Dix30.  Other accommodations are available in neighbouring cities.
Visit their web site to book : https://www.germainhotels.com/fr/hotel-escad/quartier-dix30

Where are the parking lots for people with reduced mobility?

The parking lots for people with reduced mobility are :
– Stationnement Houle – 2024, avenue Bourgogne, Chambly
– Rue Henderson, Chambly.
Only people with valide vignettes can use the parkings.
Available Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
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